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"We are the importer (Suppliers) of new and second hand used industrial sewing machines of TAJIMA, Kansai Special, Brother, Yamato, JUKI, PFAFF, PEGASUS, LEWIS, RENOWN, SINGER, TOYOTA, DURKOPP, MITSUBISHI and Minister from across the world"

Button Sewing Machines

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Model :
Button Stitch Sewing Machine
Button Stitch Sewing Machine

This series of Button Stitch Sewing Machine is applicable for button with two or four holes. Shanked button and other are also can be sewn by equipping with accessories. The number of stitches can be quickly selected from among 8, 16 and 32 stitches corresponding to the change in sewing specification. Short, cut thread ends. It s suitable for light and heavy weight material for men, women and children's clothes there by enabling the sewing machine to beautifully finish buttons with accuracy. Suitable Shirts, Trousers, Skirts, Jackets etc.
Button Stitch Sewing Machine

ModelName Max.Sewing Speed Numberof Stitches ApplicableButton Needlebar stroke NeedleSize Buttonclamp lifting height height / system
SR-372 1,500 spm 8,16 and 32stitches Round Shapedflat bottom (2 holed,
4 holed Shank/Snap/
Metal Button
48.6 mm TQ x 7 #18 ~#20TQ x 1 # 14~#18 >9mm/AutomaticSystem

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Model : SR-781 | Model : SR-782
Buttonhole Sewing Machine
Button Hole Sewing Machine

This series of Buttonhole Sewing Machines can sew which stitch and purl stitch with adjustable button- hole length / width and stitch amount with automatic lubrication system and thread trimmer. Smooth operation contributes to high-quality finished buttonholes on the various fabrics such as ordinary cloth, knitwear, spandex etc. with light or heavy weight.
Button Hole Sewing Machine

Model Name Max. SewingSpeed Number ofStitches Max lift ofwork clamp Needle barstroke Length ofbottom holes Needle Size Hook
SR-781 SR-782 3,000 spm 83~225 (by gearchange method 12 mm (15/32”) 34.6 mm 6.4-38.0 mm DP x 5 # 11~ 16 DP type,Automatic Lubricating fully – rotary type

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Model :
Eyelet Button hole Machine
Eyelet Button hole Machine

General Applications
  • Buttonholing
General Specifications
  • Lubrication: Direct Into easily accessible Oiling points Underdriver has Oil reservoir.
  • Needle Cat No. 1413-01
  • Needle bat stroke; 1 11/32 (34.1mm)
  • Clamp lift: 3/8'' (9.5mm) regular machine and ½ (12.7mm) special machine
  • Max SPM: 2000 (speed depends on material and type of operation)
  • Bad dimensions
    • Length: 21 (533mm)
    • Width; 15 ½(394mm)
    • Height: 18 1/2(470mm)
  • Space to rear of noodle: 3 5/16(83mm)
  • Motor required: Singer continuous running motor 1/3 HP.

Eyelet Button hole Machine

299U class machines are capable of making a great variety of shapes and styles of buttonholes merely by adjustment of the mechanism

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